Kiani Mineral Group

Discoverer and owner of mines

Since Kiani Group of Mines has metallic minerals as well as several non-metallic minerals that can supply raw materials to factories inside and outside the country.
Execution of geological and mineral operations
Production and sale of minerals
Arranging mining contracts
Electricity and automation
Kiani Mines Group

Introducing our services

Execution of geological and mineral operations

Reducing investment risk, significantly increasing employment, transparency in the implementation of specialized processes and preventing the loss of financial and human resources

Production and sale of minerals

Kiani Mineral Group has several ranges of metallic as well as non-metallic minerals, so it can supply raw materials to many factories in the country and abroad.

Arranging mining contracts

Arranging various types of mining contracts, including partnerships and
Tehran-based technology partner for construction services

General application of bentonite

Bentonite has many uses due to its softness, swelling, colloidal and good mixing with water, pasting, plasticity, adhesion and adhesion, adsorption, etc., including: drilling mud, adhesive agent in casting sand, prevention Infiltration of water from dams, canals and pools of water, clarifying agent of liquids, especially fruit juices, clarifying water and purifying liquids such as paraffin, pellets of minerals including iron ore, pellets of animal feed and domestic animals, carrier in Paints and other sprays such as plant and animal toxins, fillers in many industries such as paper and paint, etc ...

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Production and sale of metallic and non-metallic minerals

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